Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical-Electronics) (SKEL)

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Electronic, telecommunication and ICT industry has been identified as one of the potential industrial area for further development in the future. Currently, there is a huge demand for electronic engineer hence the prospect of work for graduates completing Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical-Electronics) are potentially high especially with Revolutionary Industry 4.0 where the industries emphasis on cyber-physical system. Besides electronic and telecommunication companies, there are other info-technology-related firms requiring electronic engineering graduates.

Career opportunities for graduates can be found in the following areas:

  • Consumer electronic: Manufacturing of products such as TV, radio, DVD/CD/cassette players, cameras, handphones, printers etc.
  • Electronic component: Manufacturing of integrated /discrete circuit and failure assessment/analysis.
  • Telecommunication system: Development and manufacturing of telecommunication system products.
  • Computer products, network systems and information security: Manufacturing of computer and network systems and related equipment.
  • Research and Development: Local organizations, as well as multinational companies that have a research centre would require research engineers.
  • Secondary industry: Industries such as oil refinery, textiles, and food processing where their products depend on electronic systems.
  • Service industry: These include hospitals, transportation industries, broadcasting industries, and telecommunication industries where most equipment used are electronic-based.