Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
with Honours


The Bachelor of Electrical Engineering with Honours programme (codenamed SEEEH), formerly called the Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) programme (codenamed SEEE or SKEE), is one of the undergraduate programmes


offered by the School of Electrical Engineering to prepare graduates for positions as electrical engineers. The SEEEH/SEEE/SKEE programme has been designed to emphasise not only on the understanding and acquisition of basic principles and skills in the field of electrical engineering, but also on a wide range of subareas including electronics, control systems, instrumentation, signal processing, telecommunications and power systems.

Bachelor of Electronic Engineering
with Honours


A rapid development in electronics, computer and telecommunication industry is one of the major contributors to the Malaysian economy. Rapid development has enabled the electronic, computer and telecommunication industry to


flourish. This means that more and more competent electronic graduates are required, to meet the growing demand of skilled manpower. The requirements towards professionals in this field, is gradually intensifying and it is predicted that the need will be continued in the next few years.

Electronic Engineering is a vast area of studies and is gradually expanding. Graduates undertaking this program will face a demanding professional career ahead. Various courses are being offered within the program with the intention of preparing graduates with sufficient knowledge in electronic field.

Bachelor of Engineering
(Electrical – Mechatronic) with Honours

Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical-Mechatronic) is a program with honours that has been established and offered for more than two decades by UTM. The program is a four-year program completed with one year final year project.


Mechatronic Engineering is anengineering field which combines engineering fields such as Electronic, Electric, Mechanical, Control, Software, Computer and Information Technology.

This field has become rapidly increasing and expanding within industries especially in manufacturing industry since the significance of micro processing and micro control is recognized its significance in industrial control. Furthermore, Mechatronic is the technology behind the smart products, which typically includes microprocessor, control system and mechanical field. An engineer equipped with knowledge, experience and specialization in Mechatronic field is a pre-requisite for any up and running industry.

Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering with Honours

The Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering with Honours programme is designed to provide a comprehensive academic study that aim to equip and train the students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in order to help


them be future ready and able to meet the demands of the industry. The students will gain additional skills such as leadership, communication, research, entrepreneurship, etc. throughout their study. Upon completion of this programme, students may continue study leading to a Ph.D or build a career in related field such as clinical engineering, biomechanics, prosthetics, tissue engineering, medical devices, etc.