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Industry Advisory Panel Meeting

On 24th September 2020, Faculty of  Engineering has organized the annual Industry Advisory Panel (IAP) meeting in Sunway Putra Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The meeting aims to engage experts from different industries to provide their valuable feedback and suggestion on the relevance of the current curriculum to fulfil industry needs in various aspects. This initiative is hope to enhance the employability of the graduates once they have completed their study. 

For SBEHS,  we have invited 6 industry panels to discuss any critical issues and challenges which need to be addressed in our programmes including Bachelor of Engineering (Biomedical), Bachelor of Science (Equine Management), Master of Science (Biomedical), Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy.  SBEHS has received insightful feedbacks and constructive advice from all panels regarding our existing curriculum and they have also shown their interest towards our students and academic programmes.

We are very grateful to have our IAP panels to facilitate us with industry placements, student exposure to industry practices and to gain practical experience in their respective field of study. In term of research, this meeting has opened up more opportunities for us to establish a link that may facilitate further research collaboration in future. We hope that this annual event could improve the quality and effectiveness of the degree programme that we offer to our students and help us in maintaining the accreditation status with related professional bodies.

Industry Advisory Panels :

Dato’ Malek Jeremiah

Dr. Alma Awaluddin

Mr. Greg McLaren

Ir. S Thayala

Ir. Yahaya Hassan

Ir. Zaidah Idris

Representative from SBEHS :

Chair – Prof. Dr. Kahar Osman

ACQ – PM Ir. Dr. Azli Yahya

Director, Biomedical Engineering Dept – PM Ir. Dr. Tan Tian Swee

Director, Clinical Science and Sport Tech Dept – Dr. Aizreena Azaman

Academic Manager –  Dr. Asnida Abdul Wahab

Program Coordinator – Ts. Dr. Muhammad Amir Asari

SPACE Program Coordinator – Ts. Dr. Mohd Riduan