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  1. AbuZaiter, A., Hikmat, O. F., Nafea, M. & Ali, M. S. M. 16 Sep 2016, Design and fabrication of a novel XYθz monolithic micro-positioning stage driven by NiTi shape-memory-alloy actuators, In : Smart Materials and Structures. 25, 10
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  9. Abd Rahim, I. M., Abdul Rahim, H., Ghazali, R., Ismail, R. & Omar, J. 2016, Glucose detection in blood using near-infrared spectroscopy: Significant wavelength for glucose detection, In : Jurnal Teknologi. 78, 7-4, p. 85-91
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  19. Azman, A. A., Ibrahim, S., Rahim, R. A., Wahid, H., Azmi, A., Arsad, A. & Yunus, M. A. M. 1 Sep 2016, Detecting mechanism of planar electromagnetic sensor in cooking oil discrimination,  2015 IEEE International Conference on Smart Instrumentation, Measurement and Applications, ICSIMA 2015. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
  20. Othman, N., Noah, N. F. M., Shu, L. Y., Ooi, Z. Y., Jusoh, N., Idroas, M. & Goto, M. 20 Mar 2016, Easy removing of phenol from wastewater using vegetable oil-based organic solvent in emulsion liquid membrane process, In : Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering





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