Programme Guidelines – Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical)

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The University adopts the semester system. The academic year is divided into two (2) normal semesters, namely Semester I and Semester II, and a short semester at the end of Semester II. Thus, intake of new undergraduate students is normally made during the semester I of an academic year. The minimum duration of the programme is 4 years (8 semesters). The programme is conducted based on lectures, tutorials and practical sessions.

Students are obliged to take compulsory, University General Courses which are Ethnic Relation, Islamic and Asian Civilization, Management, English Language and Co-curriculum.

Final year students are required to carry out a research or design project in the related field. At the end of each semester of their final year, a report based on the research must be submitted.

Students are also required to undergo Industrial Training for 12 weeks either at the private or government sector during the short semester of the third year. This is to equip the future graduates with practical technical knowledge while exposing them to the working environment in the industry.

All the courses offered by the Faculty have credits except for courses, which are approved by the University Senate. One (1) credit is equivalent to 14 hours of lectures or 30 hours of practical sessions (studio/project), in a semester.

All students’ performance and achievements are assessed formally. Normally, every course is assessed based on the coursework, which constitutes not less than 50% of the overall marks, and a final exam paper, which constitutes another 50% of the overall marks. Coursework may be in the form of homework, quiz, test and presentation. Final examination is held at the end of each academic semester. Students’ performance in a course is indicated by the grade obtained. Generally, the passing grade for any course is a ‘D+’. Students who fail a course (obtained a grade ‘D’ and below) are required to repeat the course the following semesters when it is offered. Students may improve the grade of any course with a ‘B-’ or lower once. Subject to the Faculty and University’s Academic Regulation, students may withdraw from a course.

A student must pass all courses specified in his/her programme of study and fulfill all the requirements specified for his/her
programme of study set by the Faculty and University in order to be awarded with the Bachelor degree.


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