Programme Educational Objectives – Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical)

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The Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) are statements that describe the expected graduates’ achievements after a few years of graduation. Table 1 shows the educational objectives for the programmes offered by School of Electrical Engineering and its targets of achievement.

Table 1: Programme educational objectives and the targets

Graduates of the programme are able to:
(measured at least five years after graduation)
PEO1 Become electrical engineers who are competent, innovative, and productive in addressing customer needs. 60% of graduates work as engineers
10% of graduates work as senior engineer
PEO2 Grow professionally with proficient soft skills. 5% of graduates pursued post-graduate studies or enrolled in self-improvement or skill-based workshops (or equivalent)
1% of graduates become Professional Engineers or attain equivalent professional qualification
PEO3 Demonstrate high standard of ethical conduct, positive attitude, and societal responsibilities. 10% of graduates are involved in services to community


The School of Electrical Engineering has set a five (5) year period after graduation for the assessment of PEO achievement. Alumni Survey and Employer Survey are two indirect assessments that have been used to measure the achievement of PEOs. The Employer Survey is meant to obtain feedbacks from the industries on performance of our alumni with respect to the PEOs whereas Alumni Survey is meant to get info about the alumni’s professional development.


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