Electrical Engineering Capstone Showcase 2020 (EECS2020) is the fourth final year student exhibition day organized by the School of Electrical Engineering (SKE). A combination of several existing exhibition days from the school; MIRCED, ECEX, TED and POWEX. EECS2020 is a perfect fusion of the current and burgeoning electrical research areas in Malaysia hence providing a medium to showcase the students’ research ideas in the school. The EECS2020 consists of four categories, namely Communication Engineering, Electronic and Computer Engineering, Control and Mechatronics Engineering and Power Engineering.

EECS2020 Proceedings are outcomes of the event in the form of students’ publications. The proceedings for Communication Engineering category are listed below:

  1. Complete COMM Capstone Education
  2. Complete COMM Capstone Security
  3. Completed COMM Capstone Management
  4. Complete COMM Capstone Sustainable