The main motivation of Shyfte is to bring together the targeted countries with their specific skills in ICT to optimize and manage productivity, human labour, safety and social issues related to Industry 4.0


  • Build and strengthen links between HEIs and Industry 4.0 and promote the job market by minimizing the skills gap
  • Support academic and administrative staff in Asian HEIs to design and implement new methodology and learning materials
  • Build skills 4.0 Labs or Learning centers of excellence in Asian Partner HEI to enable each of them to become the reference center in its country


Specific Project Objectives

  • Analyse the gap between the skills acquired in HEIs and the skills required by the industry of the future (WP1)
  • Develop a Skills 4.0 based learning framework (WP1)
  • Design and implement teaching programs and learning materials for four domains of expertise (WP1 & 2)
  • Implement four Pilots, based on the four domains of expertise, in the HEIs of the Asian partners (WP2)
  • Develop a Skills 4.0 based Training and Learning Center of Excellence in each Partner country (WP2) •Define a quality assurance plan for the learning programs based on quality audits to ensure the sustainability (WP3)
  • Develop an effective exploitation and dissemination strategy (WP4)