Program Structure

The number of credits required for graduates to be awarded with the bachelor degree is 136 credits. Total allocation of credits according to classification of Courses is as follow:


For students majoring in this field, within the first three years of the duration of the course, its curriculum is similar to the courses provided for Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical). In the third year, specialized courses specifically for Electronic Engineering are taught, such as the courses on System Modeling and Analysis, Microprocessor, Communication Principle, Semiconductor Material Engineering, Control System Design, Digital Signal Processing, and Electronic Systems.

Students are also obliged to undergo industrial training at least for a duration of 12 weeks either in the private or government sector during the ‘Short Semester’ in the third year. The purpose of this is to equip future graduates with practical and technical skills besides exposing graduates to the industrial working environment.

During the second semester of the third year, students will be given options to choose their specialization in one of the Electronic Engineering areas, namely, Medical Electronic Engineering.   In the final year, specialization in Electronics Engineering field is further strengthened. Students are required to select seven (7) courses in their chosen specialization area to expand their knowledge:

Besides that, each student is required to undertake a research or design project related to his/her chosen field of specialization in the final year.  The students are required to submit a report based on their project at the end of the final semester. Kindly click here to find more details on the curriculum that should be taken throughout the study.




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