Fees and Charges for Undergraduate International Student

  A. Non Recurrent Fees (Once throughout study period)
i. Medical Check Up (to be paid at Health Centre, UTM) RM 200.00
ii. Orientation Fees RM 250.00
iii. Registration Fees RM   20.00
iv. Alumni Fees RM 100.00
v. Co- Curriculum Fees RM 300.00
vi. UTM Professional Skills Course RM 200.00
vii. Caution Fee RM 200.00
  B. Recurring Fees (EACH semester)
i. UTM Service Charges RM 190.00
ii. Student Service Charges RM   60.00
iii. Computer Service Charges RM   20.00
iv. Acitivities & Welfare Charges RM 280.00
v. International Student Fee RM 250.00
vi. HedStart Programme RM   30.00
vii. Tuition Fees – Bridging Programme
Faculty Foundation Programme RM 3,900.00*
viii. Tuition Fees – Bachelor Programme
– Technology RM 3,800.00
   Summary of  Study Fee (NEW STUDENTS)
-Not Including Medical Check-up 
Bridging Programme
i. Faculty Foundation Programme* RM 5,800.00*
Degree Programme
i. Technology RM 5,700.00
  • All fees stated are in Malaysia Ringgit and must be fully paid on registration day. Sponsored students have to submit the original copy of Sponsorship Letter at Bursary Office.
  • Personal bond and Hostel Fees are not included.
  • All fees are subjected to changes (the University reserves the right to change fee structure without prior notice).
  • Estimated currency exchange is USD 1 equal to RM 3.00

*Only for students attending the Faculty Foundation Programme.