Attention to all students taking Project 1 MEE* 1814/MKE* 1814/MEBC 1184 in semester 2 session 20232024. The lists of project supervisor assignments for each program can be found at the following link for each program.

  1. Master of Science (Biomedical Engineering)
  2. Master of Engineering in Wireless Communication and Network
  3. Master of Engineering  (Computer and Microelectronic Systems)
  4. Master of Engineering (Electrical Power)
  5. Master of Engineering (Mechatronics and Automatic Control)

Please contact your respective supervisor via the email address provided for abstract details.

Meanwhile, please take note the action that should be taken during the Master project can be found at the following link: Project Research Schedule  (To-be-updated)

Regularly check FKE Postgraduate website for updates.

Thank you.