Research Opportunities

Possible Research Title for Postgraduate Student in Power Electronics

(Please click the link provided at the end of the title to see the contact information)

  • Energy Management and Sizing in Renewable Microgrid [TCW,RA]
  • Photovoltaic/Wind Energy System [TCW]
  • Application of Power Electronics in Alternative Energy Systems [TCW,RA]
  • Cogeneration of Solar and Heat Energy using Photovoltaic-Thermoelectric Generator [ZD, RA]
  • Photovoltaic Emulator with Partial Shading Capability [RA]
  • Predictive Torque Control for Induction Motor drive [NRNI]
  • Direct Torque Control for Induction Motor drive [NRNI]
  • Boost Multilevel Inverter using Switched Capacitor Technique [SMA]
  • Wide Bandgap Based Power Electronics Converter [NMN]
  • Battery Management System [MJAA]