Acoustics Research Group (ARG) is composed of researchers in the field of acoustics that branch out the study and experimental works in the area of room acoustics and environmental noise, flexible Surface Acoustics Wave (SAW) and microwave sensory devices, nanomaterial, microwave propagation, microwave dielectric measurements, and numerical methods in electromagnetic.   The activities in the area of room acoustics includes the study to characterize sound propagation in reverberant rooms, investigation of properties of material for effective sound absorption, and designing room for optimum acoustics which has high clarity of speech. Besides exploring new methods of fabricating SAW sensors and improving its sensing performance, the researchers have designed and experimented in the devices with different nanostructured materials as sensing layers, for gas and bio-sensing applications. For the researches in microwave sensors, which are normally applied in the fields of biological and agricultural engineering, the researchers now are expanding the research area in the development of microwave reflectometer and metamaterial absorber, and to design many other microwave passive devices.


Research Area

  • Room Acoustics
  • Speech Intelligibility
  • Environmental Noise
  • Surface Acoustics Sensors
  • Microwave Sensors
  • Nanomaterials
  • Dielectric Measurements
  • Millimeter Wave Passive Devices