In conjunction with the Short Course on High Voltage Engineering held at the Institute of High Voltage and High Current (IVAT), the Chair of the IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society (DEIS) Malaysia Chapter, Ir. Dr. Lau Kwan Yiew, who is also the staff of IVAT, conducted a laboratory demonstration session on solid dielectric breakdown test with the participants of the short course on 1 March 2018. As part of the DEIS Malaysia Chapter’s effort to promote research and development in solid dielectrics, the participants were shown on how to prepare thin film solid samples for breakdown testing. Apart from having the opportunity to prepare thin film samples, the participants also had the chance to conduct breakdown testing with each sample sandwiched between two spherical electrodes immersed in transformer oil. The findings of the experiment were then related to the concept and theory of solid breakdown which the participants learned during the short course. Meanwhile, the participants were made aware of the presence of the IEEE DEIS (and its Malaysia Chapter) and Malaysian High Voltage Network (MyHVnet) that promote networking among their members on high voltage related matters. On behalf of the IEEE DEIS Malaysia Chapter, Ir. Dr. Lau wishes to thank the Director of IVAT for allowing the use of IVAT’s facilities to demonstrate the solid dielectric breakdown test to the participants.

Laboratory hands-on session

Group photo


by Ir. Dr. Lau Kwan Yiew, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia



IEEE DEIS is interested in the study and application of dielectrics from the molecular level, through nano-structured materials, to insulation systems in industrial, commercial, and power system equipment, to emerging applications such as those at high power levels and in biological and other small-scale systems. The field of interest of DEIS shall be the study and application of dielectric phenomena and behaviour and the development, characterisation and application of all gaseous, liquid and solid electrical insulating materials and systems utilized in electrical and electronic equipment. More information about the IEEE DEIS Malaysia Chapter can be found here.