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Bio-Electronics Laboratory

The department is a result of the combination of Electronics Engineering and Microelectronics & Computer Engineering departments, which were merged in November 2012 as part of the restructuring of Faculty of Electrical Engineering. There is more than 50 academic staff in the department. Members of the department are involved in teaching and research activities within the nanotechnology, microelectronics, industrial electronics, medical electronics, digital signal processing, digital system design and computer network areas. The department oversees the undergraduate program Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical -Electronics), i.e. SKEL program. For the graduate program, we are associated with Master of Engineering in Computer and Microelectronics System, i.e. MEH program.

Besides teaching, members of ECE Department are also involved in research and consultancy activities in areas as follows:

  • Carbon nanotubes; graphene semiconductor
  • ECG, EEG and EMG signal processing
  • Rehabilitation engineering
  • Industrial electronics
  • Video and image compression
  • Audio, speech, image signal processing; real-time DS
  • Embedded system design; FPGA prototype development
  • Multimedia network technology; Network-on-Chi
  • Modeling and detection of faults for IC testing
  • Microprocessor and microcontroller system design

The department has a close relationship with many multinational electronic companies, such as Intel, Altera, National Instruments and Motorola. These companies visit UTM campus on regular basis for recruitment exercises and usually are invited to deliver technical talks to FKE students.



Dr. Mitra binti Mohd Addi
Laboratory Academic Coordinator

Mrs. Zurina Bte Taslan
Assistant Engineer