Lab Rules


Code Dress
  1. Students are expected TO BE CLEAN, WELL GROOMED and DRESSED in a manner appropriate to the Malaysian custom or norms.
  2. Students must MAINTAIN A PROFESSIONAL APPEARANCE by wearing collared shirts/t-shirts,shoes, slacks or long skirts whileattending classes and/or on official visitsto Faculties/Administration building.
  3. Avoid WEARING INAPPROPRIATE CLOTHING or FOOTWEAR including:- a) Shorts skirts or boxer shorts b) Round-neck T-shirt. c) Sleeveless shirts. d) Tight slacks/pants. e) Slippers/sandals.
  4. During any formal/official university event, male students are REQUIRED TO BE DRESSED by wearing long sleeved shirts, necktie, slacks (not jeans) and leather shoes or COMPLETE NATIONAL OUTFIT. Female students are REQUIRED TO WEAR ‘BAJU KURUNG’or any APPROPRIATE SUIT such as long skirts or loose slacks.
  5. Female students are not allowed to WEAR VEILS in campus.
  6. Headgears such as BANDADA or CAPS must be removed while on formal/ official visits or business in campus, except during sport activities.
  7. For male students, HAIR MUST BE NEATLY,TRIMMED and REASONABLE IN LENGTH, COLOURING and FREESTYLE HAIRDO are strictly prohibited.
  9. Male students are strictly prohibited TO WEAR BANGLES, BRACELETS, EARRINGS and NECKALCES; and female students are prohibited to have their EARS PIERCED MORE THAN ONCE PER EAR, as it is against the norms of Malaysian society.
  10. TATTOOS are prohibited on any parts of the body.
  11. Students MUST PUT ON their MATRIC CARD at all times while in campus/premises. The Matric Card MUST BE WORN and DISPLAYED at chest level.

|UTM Dress Code|



The laboratory and workshop is another means besides lecture room to add knowledge and trained the students in skill.  In the laboratories, students can acquire hands-on knowledge such as :

  1. How to use equipments like meter, signal generator, oscilloscopes and others.
  2. How to build and fix the electric and electronic circuits.
  3. How to apply the theory that was learned during lecture.
  4. How to analyze the output from the experiments.
  5. Providing basic for academic research.


To achieve this objective, all FKE laboratories are planned in such a way that figure or format first year students are equip with the skills to use equipments and test circuits. Then, as the progress into 2nd and 3rd year, they are exposed to experiments that can develop their analyzing skills.



  • The dress code is on set by university.
  • Always wearing the matriculation card.
  • Wears suitable shoes, slippers or anything similar are not allowed.
  • Hats or ‘caps’ are not allowed.
  • Round neck t-shirts are also disallowed.



  • The students are encouraged to pick up the lab sheets a weekbefore the lab starts.
  • Sign in the attendance sheet.
  • Keep the bag at the provided place.
  • Experiments have to be completed in 3 hours during the laboratory session.
  • Forbid make noisy or interfere other student.
  • No eating and drinking inside the laboratory.
  • Request the supervisor or technician to check the circuits’ connections before switching on the power supply. Wrong connections can damage equipments/devices.
  • Lab reports have to be submitted right on time.
  • Plagiarism is an offense and will be penalized heavily.
  • Data acquired by other students are not allowed and will be penalized heavily.
  • Data acquired must approved by laboratory supervisor (stamped and signed).
  • Do not modify computers’ setups, softwares or any computer peripherals without permission.
  • Do not do any walking around to other students’ table. Please consult the supervisor/technicians available for any problem/questions.
  • Get permission from laboratory supervisor/technician before leaving the lab.
  • Switch off the hand-phone during laboratory sessions.
  • For current and high voltage laboratory, student must wearing the rubber shoe and forbid to wear jewel or any of metal for evade short circuit.
  • To laboratory which provide internet facility, student are no allowed to surf the web pages which forbidden.
  • Bring or take out the laboratory tools without permission is forbid.
  • Only certain students are allowed in the laboratory.
  • The student which cannot attend the laboratory at a certain cause must bring up on-leave letter or medical certificate or bring up involvement letter with university activity or similar to laboratory coordinator.
  • The replacement laboratory only can be done with permission laboratory coordinator.
  • After complete the experiment, students must tidy the table, chair and equipments before leave the laboratory.
  • All students must obey all the instruction given by laboratory supervisor and technician during experiment in the laboratory.