The Institute of High Voltage and High Current (IVAT), together with the Department of Electrical Power Engineering (POWER), is committed to entertain visits by delegates from not only its own university, but also as far as overseas. The main aim for IVAT organising visits is to share their research, services and consultancy experience to as many people as they could, especially in areas relevant to high voltage engineering.

For interested students from schools or higher learning institutions, the focus of visit would be on IVAT’s role in building the nation through their technical support to electrical energy industries to achieve reliable and efficient operations. This is inculcated through their fascinating demonstration on high voltage air discharges (either impulsive or sustainable low current arcs).

For representatives from private companies, IVAT showcases their services and consultancy capabilities, as well as their research achievements, in attempts to increase the return of investments to the university. As for executives of ministerial bodies and government parastatals, IVAT extends their knowledge and experience to open possible collaborations on research works.

A routine visit to IVAT would include a 5-minute video presentation on IVAT, followed by a 10-minute briefing by an IVAT’s academician, then a question-and-answer session on any topic relevant to the visit. Interested parties are most welcome to visit IVAT.