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Department of Control and Mechatronic Engineering

About CMED

The Control and Mechatronics Engineering Department (CMED) is one of the largest in this region dedicated to the study of control, instrumentation, mechatronics and robotics engineering. The department, which currently consists of 38 academic staff members, provides teaching, research activities and engineering expertise in the related areas. There are 10 laboratories equipped with modern and sophisticated facilities dedicated for teaching and research activities.

At the undergraduate level, the department offers a degree in Mechatronics Engineering (B. Eng. Electrical-Mechatronics) and provides subjects for Electrical and Electronic Engineering students specializing in Control and Instrumentation. For postgraduate studies, the department offers Masters by course in Control and Mechatronics Engineering (M. Eng. Electrical-Mechatronics & Automatic Control) and various attractive and promising research areas for research students leading to Masters and PhD degrees. Currently, there are more than 100 research students actively conducting research within the department.


The department’s research activities encompass several broad areas, reflecting the multi-disciplinary nature of the control and mechatronics field. These include:

  • Smart sensors and actuators
  • Process tomography
  • Intelligent machines
  • Advanced and intelligent control algorithms
  • Process control and its advancements
  • Real-time control system
  • Robot design and intelligent robot controllers
  • Modeling and control of mechatronic systems
  • Industrial automations
  • Nanotechnology-based mechatronics and robotics.

The department also has close collaboration with various universities such as Okayama University of Japan, Imperial College of United Kingdom and others. Besides teaching and research activities, our academic staffs also involve in consultancy activities for the local industries. Undergraduate students are also actively involved in several other activities such as Robocon (Robot competition) and innovation-related competitions. The university has represented Malaysia in several International Robocon competitions. Students within the department have also visited universities overseas through UTM’s Global Outreach Programme and student exchange programmes.


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