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Information, resources and links for UTM students

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Academic Resources

General resources

These academic programs and services are relevant to all Stanford students.

Stanford Bulletin
University Registrar
Accessible Education
Stanford Bookstore

Image For Undergraduates

Undergraduate Education
Explore Majors

For Graduates

Vice Provost for Graduate Education
Graduate Life
Postdoctoral Affairs

Beyond Campus

Stanford students have many opportunities to study and pursue academic interests away from the Farm.

Bing Overseas Studies
Stanford in Washington
Hopkins Marine Station
Bechtel International Center
Stanford at Peking University
Office of International Affairs
Off-Campus Learning Opportunities (SOLO)


Outside the Classroom

Student Life

Numerous offices and programs support Stanford’s thriving community of creative and accomplished students.

Student Affairs
Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU)
Religious Life
Career Education (BEAM)

Image Housing and Dining

Stanford’s residential campus offers its students 80+ diverse housing facilities and exceptional dining options.

Residential & Dining Enterprises
Student Housing
Dining Halls
Meal Plans

Community Centers

Seven community centers empower students to lead and thrive in a multi-racial, multi-ethnic and pluralistic society.

Asian American Activities Center
Black Community Services Center
El Centro Chicano
LGBT Community Center
The Markaz
Native American Cultural Center
Women’s Center

Public Service

Cardinal Service is a university-wide initiative to elevate service as a distinctive feature of a Stanford education.

Cardinal Service
Cardinal Quarter
Cardinal Courses
Cardinal Commitment
Cardinal Careers
Haas Center for Public Service

Resources for Daily Life


Public Safety
5-SURE Escort
Sexual Assault Support & Resources