Assalamualaikum wrt. wbt. / Greetings,

Please find Seminar on Research Proposal Timetable in the following link for your action and perusal.


1. The evaluation session will begin on week 10 and week 11 (12 – 23 November 2017).

2. In case that any seminar session cannot be done, the supervisor has to rearrange the seminar him/her-self with the panel of assessors. The assessment forms must be submitted to the PG office before the final exam week starts (by 2 January 2017).

3. The assessment forms mentioned as below for the said programs can be accessed from the following link

Master by Research
• ME2-1 form: Proposal Defense Form (Word / PDF)
Ph.D by Research (Normal mode)
• PE2-1 form: Proposal Defense Form (Word / PDF)

4. Students need to print, fill-in their particulars, and provide the assessment form during the presentation session to the panels.

5. Kindly bring your own notebook for the presentation.

6. For those who have not submitted their proposal (soft copy) please do so as soon as possible.

7. Future updates on the schedule and additional information will be informed later (via email or website).

Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

Thank you.