Poultry Farm Wireless Monitoring System


Poultry Farm Wireless Monitoring System has been developed by using TelG motes equipped with commercial temperature sensors and CMOS camera. The most important factors for the productivity of a poultry farm are temperature and disease controls. The Poultry Farm Wireless Monitoring System consists of three sections which are a monitoring station, multi-hop nodes and poultry farm. The collected temperature and image data will be transmitted through wireless multi-hop nodes and recorded into dedicated local server at monitoring station. Multi-hop node technology is a huge advantage to the system since it breaks the farm area limitation problem as it widening the transmission coverage area. The local server enables multiple access to the stored sensors data & information to farmers. They may have full control locally with their WiFi enabled gadgets and even has ability to remotely monitor & analysis the farm’s progress through a farm’s dedicated software or website.

Potential Application




System Operation