M.Eng. (Electrical Power) – MKEP

Compulsory Courses (4)
Power System Devices and Apparatus, Power Electronic System, Power System Analysis and Computational Method, High Voltage Insulation and Coordination

Elective Courses (select 4)
Electronic Power Conversion, Alternative Ebergy Technology System, Integrated Resource Planning in Energy Sector, Power System Control, Electrical Drives, Lighting Protection and Grounding System, Power Quality, SPecial Topic in Electrical Engineering, Power Transmission and Security.

Free Electives (select 1)
Any two modules from MKEH/MKEL/MKEM/MKEP electives

University Compulsory Subjects (1)
Development & Global Issues Seminar, Philosophy of Science and Social Development.

Introduction to Research Methodology in Electrical Engineering (1)

Masters Research Project (10 Credits)
Research Project Proposal, Project Report.

Taught Course Programmes

M.Eng (Electrical Power)
M.Eng (Electronics & Communications)
M.Eng (Mechatronics & Automatic Control)
M. Eng (Computer & Microelectronic System)