M.Eng. (Mechatronis & Automatic Control) – MKEM

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Compulsory Courses (4)
Linear System Theory, Design of Microprocessor-Based Mechatronic Systems, Discrete-Time Systems and Computer Control, Advanced Instrumentation and Measurement.

Elective Courses (select 4)
Advanced Process Control, Modeling and Simulation of Dynamical Systems, Advanced Digital Control, Advanced Robotics, System Identification and Estimation, Artificial Intelligence, Adaptive and Self-Tuning Control, Autonomous Mobile Robotics, Real-Time Control System Design, Nonlinear and Robust Control Systems, Multivariable and Optimal Control System, Mechatronic Systems.

Free Electives (select 1)
Any two modules from MKEH/MKEL/MKEM/MKEP electives

University Compulsory Subjects (1)
Development & Global Issues Seminar, Philosophy of Science and Social Development.

Introduction to Research Methodology in Electrical Engineering (1)

Masters Research Project (10 Credits)
Research Project Proposal, Project Report.

Taught Course Programmes

M.Eng (Electrical Power)
M.Eng (Electronics & Communications)
M.Eng (Mechatronics & Automatic Control)
M. Eng (Computer & Microelectronic System)