first year experience


First Year Experience (FYE) is an initiative of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering to promote positive support, motivation and information to all new first year students. Among the programs planned to achieve these objectives include games and competitions to help the students to explore the faculty and the academic environment, sharpening their programming skills, and exploring their strengths, and expose to the research skills. These program contribute positive to the education and training of our students as it creates a healthy leaning envrionment.


  1. To let students explore the FKE academic and environment and facilities
  2. To motivate new students in facing a challenging campus environment
  3. To encourage communication and cooperation among lecturers and students (both local and international)
  4. To guide students to manage better and enhance their studies and programming skills
  5. To provide opportunities for students to explore their career path in the real world
  6. To inspire innovative and creative minds