A mini symposium for the third year students of SKEE4463 High Voltage Technology was held at the Institute of High Voltage and High Current’s (IVAT), Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, on 27 May 2018. The seminar was arranged for the students to present the outcome of their research-based assignment which covered several topics learned from the subject of High Voltage Technology, such as insulation coordination, lightning, breakdown theory and generation of high current and high voltage impulse. It was also done to fulfil the requirement of the Teaching-Research Nexus element as stated in the course outline of SKEE4463. About 150 students in groups of 3-5 students was given 8 minutes for the poster presentation and they were evaluated by the academic panels from IVAT. Overall, the mini symposium was successfully carried out and IVAT hopes that the students gained useful experience from their assignments and the mini symposium.

Various scenes during mini symposium.


By Dr. Noor Azlinda Ahmad, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.