Visa and Student Pass


(Visa Approval Letter – VAL)

As of 1st April  2016, international students  have the option to apply online for their Visa Approval Letter (VAL) through Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) 

International students who wish to study full-time at any educational institution in Malaysia must apply for a Student Pass. This is a requirement of Regulation 13 of the Immigration Regulations 1963.

  • International students MUST apply and obtain the approval to study in Malaysia before entering Malaysia
  • Conversion of  an existing Social Pass (Tourist Visa) to Student Visa is strictly not allowed

As an international student studying in Malaysia you will be granted a student pass and visa for a year (or part of a year), depending on the country which issues your passport. You are personally responsible for the timely submission of the documents to obtain your student visa.

With effect from 1 April 2015, new application for Pre-Arrival Visa(VAL)  Visa applications is managed by Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) [ ]  prior of submission to Malaysia Immigration Department.  

(Visa Approval Letter – VAL)

 The VAL processing may required six weeks  to eight weeks (sometimes more)  before being approved by the Immigration Department of Malaysia. Once student have received your conditional offer letter from UTM, you can start applying your Visa. Please ensure that you follow the requirement guidelines strictly to avoid delays in your visa application. UTM bears no responsibility for late submission.

STEP 1: Complete Your Documents

The following is the list of documents required for the pre -arrival visa application process:

  • 1 softcopy of passport sized photographs with WHITE background  only (45mm height x 35mm wide)
  • Passport details page (biodata page)
  • All passport  pages with Visa information
    **Your passport should be valid for a minimum duration of  18 months from the date of visa application and  passport copies must be clear [Sample]
  • UTM offer letter
  • Academic certificates/transcripts in English. For academic certificates/transcripts in other languages, a certified true copy of the English translation must be submitted together with the original version.
  • Pre Arrival Health Examination [DOWNLOAD]
  • Copy/Scan the Credit Card transaction slip/ Telegraphic Transfer slip for UTM processing fee. Email to

NOTE:  Please read user guide before creating an application.  Download   [HERE.


Apply online your student visa through Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) & make  payment to EMGS at

Note: Student who don’t have a credit card can apply Visa Approval Letter through UTM (paid by bank Telegraphic Transfer). Please contact us at  for details.


After submit & pay your visa application to EMGS, student need to pay UTM processing fee as follows:

Amount: MYR350 (Malaysia Ringgit: Three Hundred and Fifty Ringgit only)

UTM Online payment via [HERE]
Please select:  Visa Approval Letter (VAL) Payment (UTM0195) :MYR350


  • Scan and send the receipt/transaction slip to Please bring the original receipt during registration.
  • Payment to be made in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) or USD equivalent


Approval for a Visa Approval Letter (VAL) will take six weeks to eight weeks (sometimes more). To track the status of VAL application, please visit Educational Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) website after 3 weeks of submitting your application.

 UTM will email the VAL to students after being given the approval from immigration office


After receiving the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) from UTM, students  need to apply for the Single Entry Visa (SEV) at a Malaysia Representative Office/ Malaysia Embassy as stated in the VAL:

    • Students from non-visa required countries will apply for  SEV at Malaysia Representative Office  and enter Malaysia by producing the VAL upon arrival.
    • Students from visa required countries without a Malaysia Representative Office are permitted to enter without a visa. However, students must present the VAL upon entry.
    • Students from visa required countries which have a Malaysia Representative Office must obtain Visa and  VAL prior to their entry into Malaysia.

The following documents are required for application of S.E.V:

      1. VAL Approval Letter
      2. UTM offer letter.
      3. Passports  (Single Entry Visa will be stamped/ sticker on the student’s passport) and etc.

Validity of Visa Approval Letter (VAL)

Once the applicants have received the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) , student MUST apply for the Single Entry Visa (S.E.V) within 6 months from date of the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) at the nearest Malaysia Embassy/ High Commissioner of Malaysia (as stated in the approval letter).

If the students fail to obtain Single Entry Visa (S.E.V) from Malaysia Embassy/ High Commissioner of Malaysia within 6 months from the date of the Visa Approval Letter, student are required to apply new VAL  from UTM

Note:  Students are responsible to check with the Malaysian Embassy in their country [LIST OF COUNTRIES] for visa requirements before coming to Malaysia. For example, the student may need to apply for a Single-Entry Visa to enter Malaysia



Upon arrival in Malaysia, please ensure that the  Special Pass endorsed by the Immigration for 14-30 days and stamp on your passport. Within 30 days period, students will need to complete the following action to obtain Student Pass:

      1. Report to UTM-International Student Center (UTM-ISC) for Medical check-up arrangement at UTM Health Center (within 7 days of arrival)  and accommodation arrangement (if required).
      2. Do your student registration at specific location as in the offer letter OR at Student Recruitment & Admission Division Office.
      3. Apply for Student Pass at UTM International Student Centre (Please visit for details on student pass endorsement)


  • DO NOT PURCHASE YOUR FLIGHT TICKET   until you have obtained the VAL & SEV approvals.
    The Immigration Law of Malaysia do not allow students entering Malaysia on a Social Visit Pass (S.V.P.) to apply Student’s Pass. UTM will not be responsible or liable directly or indirectly, in any way for the misuse of the Social Visit Pass (S.V.P.).
  • International students are strongly advised NOT to enter Malaysia before the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) is approved by Malaysia immigration
  • VAL   will be emailed to student  for applying Single Entry Visa (SEV)   from Malaysia Embassy/Consulate Office.


International students are strongly advised NOT to enter Malaysia before the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) is approved by Malaysia Immigration Department


 a. Postponing Your Registration

Please take note, it could take six to eight weeks for Malaysian Immigration to approve your Visa application. If you don’t obtain approval in time to begin your studies, you should postpone them to the following semester, unless you are transferring from another Malaysian Universities/ Institution (variation).

b. “Requirements for Photographs” by Immigration Department of Malaysia

    • In colour and identical,  not black and white.
    • Taken against a WHITE background.
    • No white border surrounding the photo


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