Successes of the Division

The staffs of the division are also active in research and development whereby each staff is a member to one of the five research groups and the Centre of Excellence (COE) dubbed the Wireless Communication Centre (WCC). This platform is crucial in ensuring them to be active in research activities, journal writings, IP acquisitions as well as generation of new products, which are all beneficial to the masses. This has been shown time and again through publishing in certified high impact journals and manufacturing of award winning products at the national and international levels in which these are based on the aforesaid research results.

This mechanism also plays a key role in students’ supervision at the masters and PhD levels. Confidence of the government and industry players in said programs has led to granting of more than 10 million ringgits in grants towards the division as of now. This injection of funds ultimately broadens the research field considerably allowing for the inclusion of fields such as antenna, wireless, networking, IoT, microwave devices, sensors and optical switch to list a few.

In all, the combination of experienced and sufficient staff members with strong financial supports ensures that the Division of Communication Engineering excels in providing high quality learning experience for students pursuing their degree, masters and PhD level studies.