Spine Monitoring


Chronic Low Back Pain (CLBP) is a leading cause of disability with significant economic costs and severe psychological and social consequences. Currently, the clinical assessment of a LBP patient is undertaken at a single point in time during clinic visits rather than through continuous monitoring. To monitor motion of the lumbar spine motion, the wearable sensor based on inertial sensor technology combined with the wireless sensor node platform called TelG mote by using 802.15.4 wireless technology. This monitoring system enables LBP patient can be monitor continuously at anytime and everywhere. The Lumber Spine Motion Wireless Monitoring System can be divided into three sections:  monitoring station, multi-hop node and human body. The TelG mote that equipped with the  two accelerometer will deployed on the human body. The data measured by the sensor are gathered by multi-hop TelG motes wirelessly. The data acquired will be sent to the local server. The server stores the patient’s data into a patient database system using patient identity (ID).  The data are published via website service and hence, healthcare professionals, administrator and patient’s themselves can have access to the data on the server via internet.

Potential Application




System Operation